Speak Moistly to Me Package


*Online Exclusive!*

Excessive hand washing & sanitizing making your hands dry? We were inspired by our PM to create an awesome package of a cut flower bouquet, TokyoMilk shea butter hand cream, and a face mask for you and your quarantine buddy! All for the suggestive price of $69.69 ;)

Be like Justin and Speak Moistly to Me (but through a mask...) 

Choose your fragrance below!

Flowers are hand-tied in a spiral design for easy arrangement into any vessel and are delivered with a water-source to ensure freshness along with a care card and floral food. Cut flowers should always be recut and put into warm water upon arrival.

Flower varieties and colours are dependent on availability. If you have any questions about our seasonal selection, please call us directly to speak with one of our designers (780-431-0738)



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